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Men's favourite online watch shop for luxury designer watches. Magnus King is one of South Africa’s leading progressive thinking male watch stores. With a special interest in designer watches from independent brand’s we stock some of the most beautiful men’s watches ever developed.  We have branded ourselves as the alternative to high priced watch shops that is currently flooding the South African market. Have a look at our biggest timepiece brands below.

Magnus King Extraordinary Timepieces

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa but we are totally online. We do not have a physical store, nor do we showcase our products at any events.  We pride ourselves as the top internet e-commerce watch web shops in Africa.

We strive to keep you inform all of the way. After purchasing your timepiece from us, you will receive your order confirmation details. We try ship our items within 48 hours(2 business days).  After confirmation we email you a tracking number and a Courier tracking link, which you can use to track your parcel. You will then be able to track your parcel straight to your door.

Magnus King has a rich and illustrious history - we have recently position ourselves as one of South Africa's most sought after retailer of luxury timepieces and watches.  We have equipped ourselves a range of beautiful and extravagant timepieces at a reasonable price.

If you need any help in choosing a watch for yourself then please visit our contact us page

Your guide on purchasing online


Warranty on your timepiece

Magnus King Warranty only covers the following manufacturing defects: Dails, Movement and the Hands.  Please note the following - Magnus King Warranty DO NOT cover any kind of "External Defects" including, but not limited to the plating, case, crown, stem, buttons, battery, glass or crystal, clasp or buckle, bracelet or strap.

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Automatic movement vs Quartz vs Mechanical Hand Wind

Before purchasing any of our timepieces you need to understand the concept of  powering your wristwatch by either Automatic movement, Quartz or Mechanical Hand Wind.  Automatic movement also known as Kinetic power is basically the concept of moving your watch to  kinetically charge your timepiece ....

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Frequently ask questions when buying from Magnus King

Frequently ask questions on purchasing timepiece from Magnus King. For new buyers it is rather important to understand the concept of what you are actually buying. We have taken some of the most ask questions and place them all one page for you to read. If you have any other questions please contact us...

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Ultimate Style Symbol

Magnus King Timepieces is the ultimate style symbol, a great looking wristwatch will give you that edge you have been looking for. Our innovate design and cutting edge technology combined with the latest fashion trends will complement your weekend and working wardrobes perfectly each every time you wear it.

Selection of beautiful Timepieces