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How to choose the right watch for your personality type?

personalty vs watch brand

There is no part of your daily-wear that exudes your personal taste better than watches. Even the makers of Mad Men - hired Derek Dire to perfect their timepieces on the show.

From Don Draper’s iconic Seamster Deville to Pete’s Hamilton Sputnik, Dire helped perfect the portrayal of each character through the finest attention to detail. There are several similar instances in Hollywood,  where period dramas were perfected with the touch of an indispensable timepiece.

Watches were never machines that could just tell time. Since the conception of the first watch, it has always signified a person’s stature in society, his economic status and it represented his unique taste.

Watches are like an exclusive sneak peek into a person’s deeper desires and fantasies. A watch can tell the world who you think you are and who you really are. So, while picking a watch, you cannot simply pick a "run of the mill" design because some actor wore it in a blockbuster or a fashion magazine featured it on their cover.

With phones and smartwatches doing everything from connecting you to people, to telling time, wristwatches must have taken a backseat in your priority list. However, this is also, why it has become a lot easier to make a statement by choosing the right design and style.

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How to find the right face?

i.  What is your personality like?
A schoolteacher will have a very different personality and choice from an army veteran. And that’s exactly what your choice of a wristwatch is all about. First, you need to figure out what kind of a personality you have. If you are outgoing and playful, the designs will be lighter, less serious and will exude a sense of jovial liveliness.

If you are serious and complex, you should possibly go for something heavy. Something a Don Draper would wear in the later days of Mad Men.

ii.  Faces speak oodles
You need to watch the face. They are the focus area of any watch and the color, texture; outer rim finishing, crystal covering will help people understand you better. Choosing the perfect watch face cannot be done on fluke. You need to think about the “complications”, the chronograph and hour indexes before choosing a model.

Today, most people like sleeker Dress Watches that usually steer clear of chronographs and other “complications”. They are thin, circular or rectangular and have very simple hour indexes. Field watches are preferred by many who want something sturdy.

This statement watch was designed during the WWI for officers who had to time their attacks and planning their next strike. They were meant to function and look good while withstanding the rigors of battle.

iii. Strapping it on
The strap is as important as the dial. The material of the strap can tell about your taste in art, your social standing and your economic contribution to the society.

Watch veterans usually go for a pure leather strap, the kind seen in classic Omega watches. The newer generation is showing a tendency to go back to the leather basics once again.

iv.  Colors of perfection
If you are a teenager looking for a fix, we won’t stop you from picking the fuchsia watch from the lot. But if you are out on some serious business, you should choose a stainless steel, with a face in white, black, deep grey or deep blue.

The deeper colors of the dial make the contrast between the dial and the indexes sharper. This also makes telling time much easier. The sober colors also reflect a stable personality who is capable of handling multiple responsibilities.

White is a staple in almost all watch-enthusiasts watch-drobe. These are classic and they give a neat, vintage appeal. For example, the Braun Classic is a 38 mm, time-only watch with the best minimalistic features possible.

It sports a stark white dial marked with numbers. The face has an hour hand, minute hand and a second hand. This is the most functional watch the world has seen in a while and it undoubtedly takes us back to the basics.

v.    Which brands to go for
If you want your watch to be an investment and not an exuberant buy, you should trust an Omega or a Rolex to keep you company. These watches are exuberantly priced because the use the best materials for each piece.

Rolex uses gold, silver and even sapphire to cover the watch face.  If you don’t want to spend as much, a Shinola or a Filson are good alternatives. These companies make wonderful mid-century, modern watches that go very well with regular office wear.

If you are into high fashion, you will probably want to check out the designs from Audemars Piguet, Ball Watch Co, Baume & Mercier and Blancpain for their 2016 releases. They sport futuristic designs with tech-compatible features.

In reality, brands that have been around for long are quite expensive. However, owning a masterpiece from a world-renowned time-house is a pleasure not every person has been privy too. It is both an expression of personal taste and a smart investment.

One of the other factors you must consider while buying a watch is its dial size. It should not be too big for the wrist. If you are petite, you should go for a more circular, think design that suits your wrist. If your dial is, too large it ends up looking garish. The rule of the thumb is – if your wrist is 6-7 inches in circumference, your watch should have a diameter of 38 mm. if your wrist is larger than 7 inches, you can easily choose a bigger dial that stands between 44-46 mm in diameter.

The best way to pick a watch is to find a piece you like and to try it on.Watches are statement makers and if you want yours to convey the right message, there is no better way to do it than by real, physical trial. You should not buy a watch online just because it’s new, trendy or cheap unless you have most definitely tried it on before.